Why it all feels so dang hard right now!

Fear Is Compounding

Firstly, you don’t have to be a mega woo to feel the feels right now.

People are scared. People are sick. People have lost a lot – whether its economic stability or their faith in our systems and structures, it’s a very unsettling time. 

You can’t help but pick up on that, especially when every media source, conversation, and social media feed is hammering it in, “the end is nigh.”

Fear is compounding. Fear is contagious.

Our minds are hard-wired for survival. So when we go on high alert, we actually seek out information and reinforcement that we need to fight or flight.

 (a trauma therapist told me there’s actually two other modes, now, freeze and fawn). 

When fear, uncertainty, anxiety, or even just apathy take over our experience, we can’t really do ANYTHING.

Our brain focuses on the source of pain and ignores everything else. We simply need to survive. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize, the decisions we make from this perspective are incredibly limited and really not going to create much impact or growth in our lives. 

We need to know when we’re here, what it feels like, and understand. The fastest way to shift out of this scary place is to start by acknowledging we’re freaked out, defeated, hurt, resistant, and just need a hug. 

I know! Hugs are hard when we’re social distancing.

The good news is, you really just need to accept yourself, honor where you’re at, and ask yourself what you need.

You have everything you need, and when you allow yourself to rest, nurture, and lick your wounds, you’ll rise stronger, more confident, and ready for this crazy reality we find ourselves in.

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