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What are your values? I ask because these things filter your decisions.

When you can run a decision through your values, if it checks off ¾ of your values, it’s a yes!

I know my 4 personal and professional values. I recently added 4 money values, because we know money has a lot of energy around it (it’s currency!?!). 

I wanted to be able to make faster, and more impactful decisions with my money, so I went through some exercises to gain clarity around my financial values.

Now I have 8 values I can run every single business and life decision through. 

My decision-making process is simple, effortless, and exhilarating. 

Rinse, Wash, Repeat 

Once you’ve got a strategy that is working for you, use it.

Your morning routine. Your investment strategy. Date night. Whatever improves your life, gives you more engagement and joy, keeps you grounded and at the moment, keeps doing that. 

The second you start to feel resistance, avoidance, or you stop getting the results you want, change it up. We are creatures of habit. Again, survival blah blah.

Homeostasis – the constant desire to keep things the same, balanced, maintain the status quo, all that is hard-wired no just in our brains, but in our physical bodies. 

When you realize you’re not getting the results you want, a change is necessary. Often times you become aware of the need for change when a problem arises.

Rather than go into judgment, fear, catastrophizing, and creating this “battle” you won’t lose, why not remove the label of “problem,” and try “opportunity.”

I’m not saying you have to believe this is an opportunity but, we can create a strategy that feels a little safer and prepares us for what might be a predictable occurrence. 

Update your contracts and service agreements, add to your FAQ page, and now you know this might happen, screen future decisions for this potential.

We usually beat the shit out of ourselves for “not seeing this coming,” but when you’re an opportunistic and ambitious being, you don’t look for problems. 

Thus, when they show up, offer to take that problem in and sit it down at the table of strategy, opportunity, and creation. Together y’all can make something none of you had imagined possible. And then use that framework moving forward. 

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