The Hectic “New Now”

Did you happen to notice how quickly summer pushed through and how we went from zero to one hundred in a matter of days, shifting back into gear? We went from hunkering down to hurricane preparations. This is life in the hectic new now and also the reason you staying exhausted my friends.

Despite the constant changes and the chaotic “start-up and stop again” happening daily, people are trying to enjoy their summers.

Those at home with kids are trying to figure out, “what’s next?”. Some are trying to get back into shape, while others are asking if they should simply move and start over. 

Everything feels real HECTIC!

It seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

It feels like there are a million things to do and half of which have been left unfinished.

Everyone wants answers, plans, and next steps, but not even the brightest minds in the world can predict.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the decisions.

Doesn’t it feel like there are endless decisions to make, but with less certainty than ever before? Kinda like we’re playing Tag, but blindfolded. 

Yeah. Me too.

It’s no wonder why we are all struggling with productivity and feeling really exhausted.

We are all just doing our best, even though it might not feel like it’s enough.

During this “New Now”, it’s a lot for any business owner, family member, friend, partner, caregiver, gig, economy worker, self-employed survivor, and simple human to cope with while trying to stay on course. 

If these long summer days, in the northern hemisphere, are keeping sleep away and perhaps a few too many beverages throughout the day, you might be feeling even crazier. 

And I don’t need to point out the fear, paranoia, projections, judgment and economic hysteria we have to push aside, just to tackle the day. 

Ok, I’m done.

If you’re still reading, please know you are not alone, we’re all right here with you, feeling all the feels and doing our damnedest to stay focused and productive.

And if you’re here at all, you KNOW I’ve got some amazing ideas about how you can ride this wave (or as my surf instructor explain, “shred the gnar.”)

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