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My schedule is blowing up, I don’t know why it took me 3 years to hire you?! 

— Hundred Leaf Healing Arts, Caitlin Arce


Amazing how one year later I have my exhibition. You helped me in ways that are hard to explain. My appreciation for you is overflowing.

— The Artist (& Hand Surgeon)


I’m obviously a big believer in coaching, but wow, it is so powerful. Just by thinking things a little differently my mind gets unstuck and has those ah-ha moments. I love it and I am so glad i get to work with you!

Christie Cervie, Corporate Controller


Nicole’s wisdom, expertise and communication are second to none. Her ability to help another gain clarity is impressive and FAST. Having a strategist such as Nicole on your side will help elevate any business to the next level.

Jamie Dandar – Author, Public Speaker & Confidence Coach


It was an incredibly powerful session and I truly appreciated that fact that as business coach Nicole did not ride the “high end paying clients” train or only focused on monetary success with a strict timeline. It was reflective, deep and yet forward moving. I highly recommend Nicole and her work. 

Isabel Hundt, Documentary Film Producer, Writer, Speaker, Change Maker

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Nicole’s coaching style is second to none, she has the innate ability to truly connect you. Nicole has coached me through several sessions’, by the conclusion of each session I left with a highly motivated, and satisfying energy. I personally have had many blocks in my professional and personal path; but, with Nicole’s ability to establish trust, allowed for me to make progress and create the change that I wanted. What really stood out for me with Nicole is that she is authentic, caring, and is truly vested in your personal development and growth. If you are ready to identify what is holding you back from progress, and connect to your purpose, I highly recommend Nicole to be your Coach.

Jeff Saal, Ex-Military, Commercial Air Pilot, Youth Coach

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I’m so glad I finally engaged Nicole to help me work through the Mt. Everest of responsibilities and find a way to love my work again. 

…I feel like I finally have time for my relationships again, my health and my happiness. Nicole’s perspective is a real alchemy chamber. Get in there, and be ready for the transformation

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