Learn How to Build Your Creative Muscle

First things first, when we learn to build our creative muscles, we transcend fear.

When we can sit with our fear long enough, we stop trying to control the situation and we start trusting the inevitable outcome.

We switch into a learning perspective because we stop fearing failure.

We approach this situation as if it were a challenge to be overcome instead of a problem we have to accept. 

Can you see how these simple shifts, that are actually without action or effort, are simply a commitment to a creative process?

Trust the Outcome

This is a totally different way of approaching a scenario.

When we try to manipulate our environment to ensure a specific outcome, we limit our experience. In doing so, we’ve narrowed our options so much that the outcome sucks.

I mean, that is a bit judgey, so let’s say the outcome is not as expansive and opportunistic as a creative process allows. 

This is why the key to growth, and I said it before, aka the single most influential factor in your success is creativity. 

It goes without saying that creativity is where innovation is born.

But have you ever thought that your idea won’t cut through the competition?

Your creativity is uniquely YOU, and no one can compete with that. Authenticity, what makes you YOU, is inherently creative and will always differentiate you from the competition. 

Creativity is also a commitment to continual improvement.

Have you ever noticed how your creative projects are never “done”?

This is because when we approach a project from a creative place, we never settle, we never define parameters or rules, we simply brainstorm, strategize, implement, and then improve. 

This is an expansive process. We start to see how everything can be improved. The world is not a static, stagnant experience, but dynamic and desiring change.

We look at problems like challenges, and we trust that there is always another way, and if we stay open, we will discover endless opportunities. 

Practicing creativity yields confidence (huzzah! Who wants to feel more confident?!?).

Tom and David Kelly, from the d.School defines Creative Confidence as “An inherently optimistic way of looking at what’s possible, improving on existing ideas and positively impacting the world around you.”

Sounds pretty great right? Imagine what might shift in your life if you looked at everything through that lens? 

When we choose creativity, we shift into a growth mindset.

This is where we decide to lean into a little bit of practice and effort, add a dash of learning and experience, so we can discover exponential potential.

I’m sure you’ve tried to explain your new idea or pitched a proposal to that stick in the mud who just retorted with all the reasons your idea won’t fly?

The Fixed Mindset

The the brain sees the world as stuck, they perceive their reality as limited, never changing.

Simply smile and nod, because you two see two completely different worlds, and they can’t see your vision *pats their little head*.

But here’s the great thing about Creative Confidence. This confidence enables you to overcome obstacles (especially the naysayers) because you can change direction easily!

You actually take on even bigger challenges, because you trust you’ll persevere.

You believe in the possibility. You let go of the useless critics and seek helpful feedback because you let go of what isn’t working and longer.

These choices give you resilience and a <dare I say it> faith that you can face whatever comes your way. 

Ok?, ok!

I hear you say, I’m sold, creativity IS for ME but I’m just an <insert boring adjective here> so how or where do I even start with building creativity?

Well astounding <adjective>, the fact you’re still reading this means you’re 1 in a million <adjectives> so, let’s get clear on what you’re trying to do with your new commitment to creativity. 

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