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About Nicole BZ

Before I started as a business coach, I started a recording studio and record label in Australia, and managed bands for ten years. When I moved back to the States, I worked for the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation, and Spinning Top Music. In these roles, I spent every minute of my working life understanding the needs of the creative leader while helping them see how dynamic business strategies make them successful.

I understand the parts of business that tend to be less exciting, like the hiring process and business systems. It’s my passion to help people overcome these challenges so they can re-focus on what’s driving them and their business.


"More than anything, Nicole held the space for me to find a way back to the initial reasons I started a volunteer-run literary arts non-profit: playful rebellion, fun, deep love of the arts and people and a radical willingness to innovate and show people a different way. Several years into the mission, I had gotten to a place where I was working so hard that I had lost touch with the fun, energizing, expansive energy that gave birth to this work. I’ve got my life back, which is huge." -Previous Client