3 Simple Steps To Inspired Leadership

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3 Simple Steps To Inspired Leadership

3 Simple Steps To Inspired Leadership

3 Simple Steps To Inspired Leadership



Leadership is like creativity, everyone is born with it. Unfortunately, and analogous to creativity, only a few invest the time and energy into growing their leadership skills.. Leadership training and leadership development go hand in hand – one must spend the time learning (and practicing), to maximize their impact. 

The catch-22 is

most people in leadership positions, be it small business or a community, are too busy leading to develop and grow. If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated that change isn’t happening quick enough, or people aren’t listening to you, then you could likely use some good ol’ fashion leadership training and leadership development. 

Too busy? Can’t find the time or money to invest? Sounds like you need a … leader! This is why learning to lead yourself is the first step. Leaders compel action. They simplify by prioritizing. Inspiring leaders see the forest and the trees. Perhaps a time management or bullet calendar training are your secret to success. 

I can feel your eyes rolling…

This is why being the leader you’d want to follow is the next crucial step. If you can’t make the time to grow into the leader you want to be, how important is it, really? If you don’t know how to make the time, THAT is the opportunity. Be humble – also an incredibly magnetic quality in leadership. Know your weaknesses and instead of hiding them, own them, and improve upon them. Where else are you feeling insecure in your life and business? These are your opportunities for leadership growth. And I am not just talking about feeling shitty about your sales or financial management. Lacking creativity, take a beginner’s creative writing course. Want to be better at negotiating, sign up for an improv class. Not only are these fun ways to grow as a leader, they’re a great way to grow your network. 

The best part is SO MUCH of your development can happen online and on your own time. My favorite sites or Udemy, Skillshare and MasterClass for people who want to learn just about anything. Pricing is anywhere from free to an annual subscription. 

Better yet,

Anti Business School Coming November 8th your favorite people likely have an online course or training available and this can be a great way to learn more about them, and what its like to work with them. Lastly, most universities have extension options, anyone want to say they’re a Harvard Grad (I’m only half joking). You may have signed up for a course here or there and never completed it, or maybe you felt like it was a waste of money. If you’re not prioritizing you’re learning or committing to something you really want, dig a little deeper. Whatever you invest in, returns. Why aren’t you willing to go that extra step? What would it take for you to get any obstacles out of your way (including excuses). If you’re graduated past every online learning opportunity out there, congrats, you’re a master. 

I created my Anti Business School for the busy leader, who’s coaching-curious and wants all the best practices and strategies on their time, and at a ridiculously low cost. You’re plugged into a community of like-minded business owners (not on a social media platform)…





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