Conquering Change for Your Small Businesses

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Conquering Change for Your Small Businesses

Conquering Change for Your Small Businesses

Conquering Change for Your Small Businesses

One of my favorite sayings is, “the only constant is change.”. But if Change is the only constant, then how do we, as small business owners conquer it?


Conquering The Cycles of Change For Your Small Business

Change – a.k.a. inconsistency – also happens to be the biggest pain-point in most small businesses.

One small business leader I spoke with said, “There’s no point in planning or strategizing because what worked this week, won’t work next, and this month looks totally different than last month.”

It’s an all too common complaint, but everything comes in cycles. Those cycles have patterns. And repetition is a powerful tool.

You, your business, your product, your sales process, your customers – they’re repetitive patterns.

Systems predict business cycles, and with the right strategies and tactics, you stay in front of the unavoidable change, by recognizing the patterns. 

Surely you’re familiar with a product life cycle?

Maybe the business life cycle?

Hopefully, the marketing cycle, and this is a long shot, but have you heard of the Cycle Of Change.

Oh! Don’t forget about your customer journey, because that’s another fun cycle.

Each of these cycles has its own nuances, but the moral of the story is – the cycles are coming, and if you play your cards right, they keep coming.


Conquer Change Like a Boss and Grow Your Leadership Skills

Embrace the Change!

 The Cycle Of Change is the Granddaddy of cycles.

It goes a little something like this – We are in a constant state of change, but there are stages, and when one completes, the next begins, FOREVER.

The Cycle of Change

Shuffle: Research, Gathering of Info, Identify Strengths and Weaknesses
Deal: Action! Experiment, train, connect, and improve
Play: Break through resistance, have fun, experience new challenges
Throw ‘em in: The slowing down of this cycle, hibernation, and restoration commences 


The Constant Cycles of Change in Your Small Business

If you’re aware of what phase you’re in, you can maximize your success and prepare for the next cycle, enabling you to fulfill your needs whilst moving through each phase.

Now, when we combine this overarching pattern to our business’ cycles, we can implement some very successful strategies ensuring an ever-evolving (and profitable) business. 


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