Stop Worrying About Your Business & Take Action Now!

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Stop Worrying About Your Business & Take Action Now!

Stop Worrying About Your Business & Take Action Now!

Stop Worrying About Your Business & Take Action Now!

Worrying. It’s the act of completely negating your ability to think creatively, positively, or grow your opportunities.

Worrying is informed by fear. It narrows your focus to one, maybe two “survival-informed” choices.

Does that sound inspiring? Growth-oriented? Or remotely enjoyable?

It’s not. It’s exhausting. Especially, if you are a business owner. 

But it’s time to stop worrying about your business and take action now.


The Worry Tree

Ok, so if you haven’t been walked through the Worry Tree Diagram……you’re welcome.

The Worry Tree Diagram is a very elementary example of how to worry.

You follow the branches and ask, is there something I can do about this now?


Yes or No?

If it’s a no, shift focus, if it’s a yes, create a plan, and then take action or plan out your action. 

This is where ruminating kicks in.


If you can’t fix the situation immediately, rather than truly shifting focus and setting the concern aside, you choose to keep thinking about it.

Worry overflows into anxiety, and when that bucket fills up, it spills into depression. A psychologist told me that, so you know it’s true. 


But, before we explore the best ways to stop worrying, here’s why it matters.

The only thing worrying accomplishes is distracting you from action. 

That’s why we worry. To give ourselves permission to stay stuck.

Are you ready to break the mold, try something different, and take a break from your incessant … excuses? 

The Top Five Actions to Take To Stop The Worry Now:

#1 Shift Focus

Easy. Free. Instant.

Make a list of your top 5-10 favorite, energizers.

Call a family member or friend (no talking about the problem, instead ask them how you can support them – that’s actually tip #2, bonus!).

Go for a walk. Listen to your favorite podcast or watch something fun and uplifting for 5 minutes. Listen to your favorite song (or better yet, build a “don’t worry be happy” playlist).

The list goes on and on and can be as simple as three deep breaths or as elaborate as book a vacation. 


#2 Create An Action Plan.

If the worry can be addressed at this very moment, and it’s a high priority task, get it done.

Address it. Do it. 


#3 Face the Fear.

If #2 sent you into a tizzy, why?

What is it you’re most afraid of?

What’s the worst-case scenario? Can you handle that?

Then, what were you worried about?

Oh you still got worries? Repeat. 


#4 Do Your Research.

Our brains are amazing at reminding us of the random reasons we may fail…..But how often do you research all the reasons you have and will continue to succeed?

Make a list. Keep it close. Continue to add to it when you start to worry.

Get in the habit of questioning your fear. It is one story of many you can tell yourself.

Which story leads you out of the dark hole and into the light?

Choose that one. 


#5 Reframe the Situation.

Unless you, or someone you love, life is in danger – this likely isn’t the most pressing concern for you at this moment.

In fact, this challenge could be the other side of a life-changing opportunity.

Can you pause long enough to ask yourself, “What if my next move is to my own advantage?”

You don’t have to believe this exploration to step it out.

When you look back on every crisis or annoying problem, you figured it out. You made it work.


Hence the colloquialism 20/20 hindsight.

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Can you trust this situation will unfold like every other experience, and with enough time and perspective, this will make sense?

This may in fact be the opportunity that changes your entire circumstance.

What if? 



My other favorite tools to stop the worry:

*The Focus Wheel <-Read This Blog

*Brian Eno’s Oblique Matters


Even if the weather is shitty and awful, feel the wet cold rain. Smell the damp earth. Listen to the wind. Taste the cold of winter (or sweat of summer), and look around at this crazy big world you live in. 


Worrying sucks. It’s an excuse to do nothing but think and feel bad.

It distracts you from being impactful, taking action, and enjoying your life.

By using these simple and instant tactics, you can practice hitting stop on the whole worrying thing, and get control of your thoughts and life by taking action now.



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