6 Steps To A Success Mindset

6 Steps To A Success Mindset
6 Steps To A Success Mindset

6 Steps To A Success Mindset

Having a success mindset is something that we must practice and nurture daily. However,  now more than ever, it can feel like a challenge to keep a healthy thought path to success when one is trying to survive. 

In the short blog, I want to share with you 6 exercises that you could use as part of your daily routine in developing a success mindset.

6 steps to a success mindset

1. 6 minutes of Quiet. 

Set a timer. Sit. Shoosh. You can call this mediating, you can call this zoning out, you can call it whatever you want, but not talking, no phone, no nothing.

2. 6 minutes of Outside

. Go. I don’t care what you do, but breathe air that hasn’t been filtered, feel the weather on your skin, look up at a perspective larger than your own.

3. 6 minutes of Journaling

Don’t worry, the specifics are below, this is purposeful multi-tasking (you have my permission).

4. List 6 things 

That you find yourself grateful for, that has already happened?

5. List 6 things you would like to Expand 

In your life (hasn’t happened enough, like more connection, a raise, a 7-minute mile, etc)

6. Reach out to one person 

Let them know you are thinking about them (text, phone, video message, whatever tickles your pickle BUT let them know you are doing this for the sake of doing it, you do not need a reply).

Every day, 2 weeks. Go (and report back).

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