Understanding What Balance Really Means to You

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Understanding What Balance Really Means to You

Understanding What Balance Really Means to You

Understanding What Balance Really Means to You

There’s this idea we have to have balance in our lives. However, it may be more about understanding what balance really means to you. Both in life and business.

What is Balance?

Balance. It’s really, just about being in the moment for whatever you’re doing and aligning your mind with that singular task.

We get overwhelmed because we think of balance as doing it all/having it all/being it all.

The reality is that when you’re doing one thing, that’s the only thing you should be doing. Balance is present. It’s all about taking on a task with a mindfulness that it’s the most important thing you should be doing RIGHT now.


Balance a Verb.

It’s Friday night and you’re huddled over your computer like a gremlin in a cave surrounded by take-out boxes. You find yourself clad in grey sweatpants and adorned with a furrowed brow that may have started to become your default face.

It’s been stuck in the same position for too long. 

You catch a glimpse of yourself through the reflection of your monitor and are struck down with the realization of that it. 

There sits the self-pity about it being a Friday. You should be enjoying your evening or, dare I say, even relaxing, but the shackles of being a business owner are heavy.

So then you spiral into a tornado of mental self-destruction, hyper-focusing on areas of your life that you aren’t being nourished or nourishing you.

 After an hour and a half, two ice cream pints, and several desperate screams of “I AM INADEQUATE!” later, you decide to keep working.

Balance is not a noun or an adjective. It’s a verb.

When you freak out on a Friday night because you were working on a project for your business, and not on a date, you have to remind yourself what is important to you.


Balance: The Value Assessment

Taking the time to give a value assessment of what you’re doing for your business is needed and is super important. 

If having a social life is important to you, you have to create the space in your life to make it a priority.

Keep to your social meetings the same way you keep to your business deadlines.

You’re not a martyr. You can’t do everything, but making space in your life for both personal and business-related deadlines will add in the expectation that you can do both.

You just have to reevaluate your agenda to make each thing a priority. 

Maybe that means this Friday you’re working late to make a deadline so that next Tuesday you can make a happy hour. 

Be present for both tasks and there you will find the balance that everything is going to happen.



Remember that worry gets us nowhere. 

The more time you worry, the less time you spend being present and getting your to-do list done.

Take ownership of your time and only commit to what you can handle both professionally and socially and through this. Trust that everything will fall into place as it was supposed to.

Remember, it’s a learning process.

Tune into what you need, and often. It’s always evolving. 

Make time for what’s important by building your business sustainably.

Growth looks different than scaling which feels different than sustaining. The savvy business owner is focused on what is most important NOW. 

Pick a thing. Give it your all. Then take a break, a nice slow deep breath, and start again.


Balance: Use Your Expertise

YES, it will be scary and awkward. It will also be a huge win, a new sale, and a well-deserved vacation. 

There’s not always a definitive yes or no, pass or fail, sometimes you have to let the past go, stop worrying about maybe, and simply focus on the task at hand. 

This is THE most productive, problem-solving, powerful use of your expertise and wisdom. Right now.

How do you find a healthy balance


The Break Down On Understanding Balance.

Let’s review!

Feeling Enslaved by Your Business: Take a pause, and ask yourself why you are feeling this way.

Go Over What Your Values Are: Ask yourself if the important things in your life being are nourished? Are you being nourished?

Make the Time: Allow room for those things that aren’t being served. Treat them with the same respect that you would a business deadline.

The Process Takes Time: Finding the balance you will need to serve both your business and personal life will be a constantly evolving process.

Check-in with yourself often and use your expertise to guide you and remember, take a deep breath, my friend; everything is going according to plan.

Which Take Away From Today Will You Use?

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